Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Books We're Reading

A big part of the reason I created this blog is to create a record of the things we've done with homeschooling so that I can be sure to do the things that worked really well with the younger children and avoid repeating things that didn't go as well. If you're not interested in homeschooling, this is probably one of those "there's nothing to see here"-type of posts.

We spend a large portion of our day with me reading to the boys. At least three times a day, I read a short story or a chapter or two from a longer book. Right now, we're reading 26 Fairmount Avenue. It's the autobiography of Tomie dePaola, the children's author. Actually, it's the first in a series of his autobiographies. I guess he figured it would be too intimidating if he offered his whole autobiography in one large book.

One chapter of the book details him going to see Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves when it opened in 1938. He was four years old at the time. He did enjoy the movie, but he was disappointed that it wasn't exactly like the fairy tale that he was familiar with. After we read that chapter, I found a telling of Snow White in fairy tale book we had that was exactly as dePaola described in his book. I read that to them, and then I showed them the movie. I've had the DVD since before we even had children, but they'd never seen it before. After we watched the movie, we talked about the differences in the book and the movie. The boys really enjoyed it.

We're almost finished with 26 Fairmount Avenue now and still really enjoying it. I hope our library has all of the books in the series!

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Beth B. Perkins said...

I love that you're home schooling!! You are doing such a great job of being a Mom. It's so good that the boys love to hear you read to them. Tha's an education in itself. By the way, thank you so very much for all the helpful hints about Disney World and for taking the time to "proof" Kim's plan for us in Jan. I know your time is precious and we really appreciate it. You had some great ideas that we are going to use when we go.
Thanks for doing this blog. It helps me stay in touch with you and your precious kids. I love reading Wendy's too. The pictures help to keep us up to speed with how they're growing....and my aren't they growing!! They're so precious!