Sunday, November 23, 2008

Plans for the Future

Tigger and Piglet informed us of their plans for the future last night over supper. Apparently, they when they're men and need to get their own house, they're going to get an apartment together. It's going to be the highest one and as far away from the stairs as you can get.

Chris asked them where their wives would sleep. Tigger immediately replied, "They can sleep downstairs!" Piglet said, "Well actually, I think they're supposed to sleep with us."

I've asked them before if Roo can live with them, but Piglet tells me that Roo won't be a baby any more then, but he won't be a man like he and Tigger, so he'll need to stay at home with us.

Piglet also plans to buy a blue Mustang when he's ready to drive. He reminds me at least once a week that I'll have to drive him to the car store because he won't have any way to get there when he's buying his first car.

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