Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Disney World Vacation--Day 2, Resort Photos

Again, I had to walk around the resort while Chris and the big boys rested due to Baby Roo having already rested, so this day I took my camera and took pictures of the baby all around the resort. I don't have many pictures of the big boys at the hotel, and that's why.

The Wilderness Lodge is themed to look like one of the resorts in the National Parks in the northwest. We're not really outdoorsy people, but it's a beautiful resort with great theming.

You can view larger images of these pictures if you click them.

I grabbed some grapes on my way out of the hotel room and enjoyed a nice snack on the balcony outside the resort first. Roo enjoyed drinking his water and eating grapes with me.

Next we went out back and looked at some ducks. There was a lot of wildlife at our resort. We saw ducks, countless lizards, lots of rabbits, and one snake. We didn't see any aligators on this trip, but that's only because we didn't look very hard for them.

There's a geyser that goes off every hour at the resort, so we looked at that next.

Here are some random pictures from around the resort.

I never took pictures of our room. If you want to see pictures of the rooms and other things in the resort, you can see some great ones on the All Ears website.

We went to the Magic Kindom for the parade and fireworks that evening. I'll tell you about those in the next post.

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