Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Disney World Vacation--Day 3, Part 2

When we got back from our very hot morning at the Magic Kingdom, the housekeeping cart was outside our room. We went in and found that the room had not been cleaned yet. We really wanted the room cleaned, so Chris decided to take the older boys to the pool so that they wouldn't be in the room when housekeeping came. I needed to wash laundry, so I took Roo and a big bag of laundry to the laundry room. I didn't want to have piles of laundry all over the place when it was time to be cleaned, so I just dragged everything we'd worn to the laundry room and then separated and decided which clothes to wash once I was in the laundry room.

Once I had three washing machines going, I took the laundry I didn't need to wash back to the room, fully expecting to find it being cleaned when I got there. I was disappointed to find that having a housekeeping cart outside your room doesn't mean that someone is about to clean your room. The cart was still there, but nothing in the room was changed. I called housekeeping to ask to have our room cleaned right away, and then walked around a little while I waited for the washing machines to finish.

After I got the clothes in the dryer and walked around a bit more, I went back to the room and saw that it had already been cleaned. I went out to the pool to tell Chris that they could go back to the room when they were ready. It was at that point that I looked down at Baby Roo and saw that he was only wearing one shoe.

Now his shoes had already been an issue. While driving to Florida, I realized that his shoes were rubbing a sore spot on one of his toes. He'd only been walking about 4 weeks before the trip, so he hadn't had long to break them in. I noticed that he was whimpering every time I put his shoes on him, which isn't like him. He LOVES wearing shoes. He calls them his "ooze". I had to get the poor baby some new shoes so his feet wouldn't hurt.

Buying shoes at Disney World is not cheap, even if it is just for a baby. The only options they had for a baby boy were these Mickey Mouse Crocs. They were $36, but he could wear them in the water easily, and they wouldn't rub his sore, so I bought them. Now I had to find that missing shoe. I couldn't put his old shoes back on him, and I wasn't buying another pair of Crocs.

But first, it was nap time. For once, the baby hadn't napped at the park before our break, so he needed to nap now. I laid down with him for a few minutes to get him to sleep while Chris and the big boys came back from the pool and got down for their nap. By 2:30, all of the boys were sleeping, so I was free to finish the laundry and find the shoe.

I retraced all of my steps to find that shoe. I went everywhere. I had done a little exploring earlier, so I had a lot of places to check. Of course, I'd had the stroller the first time, so I kept taking the long route to the wheelchair ramp while passing up all the stairs and running off into the bushes everywhere that I'd let the baby look at rabbits. I'm sure people thought I was crazy.

Finally, I decided I'd go to the concierge desk and see if someone had turned it in. I did, and the lady told me that someone had turned it in just a few minutes ago. I was glad to have it back, but it would have been nice if I hadn't had to do all that walking first. Anyone who's been to Disney World knows that the last thing you need to do is extra walking. I consoled myself by telling myself that it wouldn't have been turned in yet if I had just gone and asked when I first realized it was missing.

Finally, I was able to go back to the room and rest my feet for a while before we headed out for the evening.

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