Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Disney World Vacation--Day 4, Part 2

Naptime seemed to get longer and longer each successive day. I was afraid before we left that the boys would be too excited to take their much-needed naps, or that they'd fall asleep on the bus on the way back to the hotel and then not fall back asleep again, but we never had any problems other than occassionally having to drag them out of bed in the evenings. Next time, we'll need to stay longer and plan a down day halfway through the trip.

We got up and going around 6:00 this evening and headed back out to the Magic Kingdom. The fireworks there are really fantastic, and we were pretty sure that we could do them better than we had the first time. The weather man was predicting clear skies, so that was a definate advantage.

The boys said that the ride they really wanted to ride again was Pooh, so we got FastPasses for it first thing. Jacob had been wanting to ride the Indy Speedway the whole time we were there. It's one of those rides that has cars that stay on a track and go really slowly. The line is always really long, so we hadn't ridden it at this point, but we walked past there and the sign said the wait was 10 minutes, so Chris decided to take the older boys on it. They ended up waiting less time than that, and they spent most of their time driving really slowly along the long track and then waiting forever to get off of the car. Piglet loved it, though, so it was worth it. I managed to get one shot of them as they drove past me.

Next it was time for me to have half a chicken, so we went back to Cosmic Ray's. This is when the disaster happened. We were walking to the restaurant, and a young boy went running past us. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that another boy was trailing behind him. I pulled my stroller back, but it was too late. The boy got his foot tangled up in one of the front wheels and fell hard on the ground.

Chris and I stood there for a few seconds to see if anyone was around to help him, but his mother and a Disney employee were at his side right away, so we kept going. We were almost into the restaurant when the little boy's mother started yelling at me. I'm sure he did hurt his knee quite badly because he fell on concrete while running really fast, but there was absolutely nothing I could have done to have prevented it. You're not supposed to run in crowded public places. I'm sure she knows that, but it's hard to blame yourself when your child is hurt. I still felt really bad about it and would have done anything to have prevented it if I could have.

I had a half chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans for supper again. Chris and the boys all had chicken nuggests. I think Chris got cookies for the desert options again. Most of the deserts, including the cookies, come in sealed plastic packages, so you can take them with you if you're not hungry enough to eat them, so that part is nice. Of course, most of the year chocolate melts fast at Disney World.

Baby Roo wasn't liking his high chair much, so I took him out of the restaurant as soon as I finished while Chris stayed behind with the older boys. When they came out, I saw Chris nudge Piglet who then asked me, "So did you run over any more kids?" You've got to love having a supportive family.

Next we used our FastPasses for Pooh and then found a place to watch the fireworks. This time we went to the front of the castle. We found a spot in front of Cassie's and the Baby Care Center that wasn't too crowded. It was a little crowded when we got there, but then I moved to Roo from his stroller to his front pack which made him throw a temper tantrum for some reason, and everyone in the area left. We were only alone for a few minutes, though. Eventually Roo stopped crying, and new unsuspecting people came and stood beside us.

The fireworks were really, really good. I know it seems like you can't do much with fireworks, but Disney can. They set them to music, and with the castle in the background, it's just amazing. Even the boys were impressed. After they were over, we joined the throngs of people leaving and rode the bus back to the hotel. Since Roo was in the front pack, we were able to put Tigger in the stroller. I never regretted not having a stroller available for the older ones during the day, but it was nice to be able to have it in the evenings when we left the parks at closing. Otherwise it would have been a challenge to keep us all together.

This was our last night at the Wilderness Lodge, so we got packed up and ready to go before we settled down to bed.

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