Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Disney World Vacation--Day 3, Part 1

Tuesday, September 16
Magic Kingdom in the morning, Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios in the evening

This was our second Magic Kingdom morning. We decided to deviate from Tour Guide Mike's suggested second day plan because some of the rides he suggested riding again weren't all that important to us. This was a big mistake.

We didn't need to get there at rope drop, so we got to the bus stop around 9:00 and arrived at the Magic Kingdom at 9:20.

We wanted to start the day Frontierland, so instead of walking, we got on the train as soon as we entered the park. Here are some pictures on the train.

When we got off at the Frontierland station, we got FastPasses for Thunder Mountain and then went to Pirates of the Caribbean. It's been updated since we were there last to have Jack Sparrow from the movie trilogy in it. Chris and I didn't like the renovations much.

Next we rode the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. It's basically just like Dumbo, but you ride in magic carpets instead of flying elephants. It's not thrilling, but it was there and had no line.

Now I really wanted to get to Mickey's Toontown when it opened at 9:40 so that we could get in line at the Judge's Tent and get our picture taken with Mickey with no line. We had seen Mickey at the Garden Grill already, but we didn't have a picture of the whole family with him. Tour Guide Mike would have suggested that we spend the morning near Toontown until it opened. (I don't know why Toontown opens later than the rest of the park, but it does.) We didn't do it, and we lived to regret it. It was really, really hot this day. And the walk from Adventureland to Toontown is really, really far. It seemed like we'd never get there. We finally got there at 10:20. We went to the Judge's Tent right away, but the line was outrageous. We don't like Mickey Mouse that much. So despite the fact that had killed ourselves getting there, we decided not to meet with Mickey.

We looked through Mickey and Minnie's houses. They're walk-through exhibits, but they were crowded, and I've never seen them crowded. There's a little roller coaster just for young kids in Toontown, and we tried to ride that next, but it was broken. The one bright spot was Donald's boat. You can see Donald Duck's leaky boat in Toontown, and no one else was there for some reason. Every other inch of the land was packed, but we had this attraction to ourselves. And we were hot, so a leaky boat was just what we needed. It's really very cute. There's water shooting out from holes in the boat, and if you plug them all up, water starts shooting out from different holes. The guys had a lot of fun getting wet.

We then went back to Thunder Mountain to use our FastPasses, getting new FastPasses for Peter Pan on the way. I rode with the big boys, and then we went to Crystal Palace for a 11:35 reservation for lunch with Pooh and the gang. There were a lot of people waiting outside the restaurant because they were changing the buffet from breakfast to lunch when we got there, but it was only about 10 minutes before our beeper went off. They had dispensers of ice water out there, which was really nice. We drank some and poured some over our heads. (Have I mentioned that it was hot?)

The chef at this restaurant walked me along the buffet to show me which foods were okay for Tigger and which were okay for me, but she didn't inspire confidence. For example, at one point she pointed to a section of the buffet and told me that everything in that section was safe for egg allergies. Unfortunately, there was fritatta on that section, which is basically like an omelet. I avoided several foods that she hadn't said I had to avoid because they can be made with egg sometimes. There was some yummy-looking corn spoonbread that I avoided because I assumed it had eggs even though she hadn't said I couldn't have it. Chris, Tigger, and Piglet all said it was delicious.

Here are some pictures with the characters.

The restaurant is right next to the Magic Kingdom's Baby Care Center, which is a nice building with changing tables, rocking chairs for nursing, high chairs, and everything else you might need to take care of a baby. Roo needed to nurse, and I was getting a little tired of doing it on dark rides, so I went to the Baby Care Center while Chris and the older boys went to use the FastPasses for Peter Pan.

Next we left to go back to the resort. We decided to take the boat back, and it was just finishing loading up as we approached the dock. We signaled to the captain that we were coming, and he very willingly opened the gates back up and waited for us to get there. He was very nice about it, and we thanked him profusely. We really needed to rest. Have I mentioned that we were hot? The nice breeze as we drove over the water felt wonderful, and we were soon back at our resort.

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